Our portfolio: 21 Renewable Energy Research & Innovation Projects

Projects in the LEAP-RE Portfolio will focus on 6 priority themes. These roadmaps focus on key topics in order to make the development of renewable energy sustainable and efficient: innovation priorities, smart-grid and off-grid systems, productive and domestic uses, access to energy, recycling, etc.

A first set of 8 projects were selected to start in early 2020 when the LEAP-RE programme started, which follow-up coordination is ensured by Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Strathmore University (Kenya). 13 additional projects funded via an open call started in 2022. Additional projects will be selected to complete the portfolio thanks to an additional open call for projects that closed in September 2022.

These calls for research and innovation projects are funded by 15 European and African research and innovation funding agencies and by the EU.  The coordination of the calls is ensured jointly by the ANR (France) and the MESRS (Algerian Ministry of Research).


Europe & Africa cooperation, from grid digitization to sustainable energy for all

Energy Village

Long-term programme for achieving renewable erergy self-sufficiency at the local level

Geothermal Atlas for Africa

Mapping geothermal resources for the development of African electricity production and for water use applications

Geothermal Village

Smart/off-grid Geothermal stand alone, cascade-use systems


Towards a next-generation renewable energy source – a natural hydrogen solution for power supply in Africa


Enabling clean and sustainable water through smart UV/LED disinfection and SOLar energy utilization


Micro-grid technology for a widespread use of renewable energy sources in Africa


Smart stand-alone micro-grids as a solution for agriculture farms electrification


Integration of photonic conversion layers based on photoemissive nanostructured materials for improving sunlight harvesting ability of solar cells


Development and Demonstration of a Sustainable Open Access AU-EU Ecosystem for Energy System Modelling


Productive Use in Rural African Markets using Standalone Solar


Sustainable biomass conversion into bioenergy through pyrolysis


Environmentally friendly colloidal quantum dots for high performance solar cells


Renewable Energy for African Agriculture: Modelling Excellence and Robust Business Models


Implementing a full value chain for recycling End-of-Life (EoL) Lithium-Ion Battery (LiBs) and Photovoltaic (PV)


Sustainable Energy Transition and Digitalization of Smart Mini-Grids for Africa


Si-based devices for renewable energy: From end of life recycling to revival of photovoltaic modules


Solar Indoor Cooking Systems of the Next Generation


SOLAR INDUCEed domestic clean efficient cooking and refrigeration for off-grid applications in Africa


Decentralized Solar Charging System for Sustainable Mobility in rural Africa


A modern solar cooking solution for African staples