Thematic Priorities: 6 Mutli-annual Roadmaps for Renewables

The work of LEAP-RE is based on 6 themes, which have been identified during the programme preparatory phase, PRE-LEAP-RE. These roadmaps focus on key topics in order to make the development of renewable energy sustainable and efficient: innovation priorities, smart-grid and off-grid systems, productive and domestic uses, access to energy, recycling, etc. They lay the ground for the selection of projects in the LEAP-RE Portfolio.

Multi-annual Roadmap #1

Evaluation of priority joint research and innovation actions for next step development of renewable energy systems

Multi-annual Roadmap #2

End-of-life and second-life management and environmental impacts of renewable energy components

Multi-annual Roadmap #3

Smart stand-alone systems to ease the access to energy in all its forms

Multi-annual Roadmap #4

Smart grid (different scale) for off-grid application solutions capable of integrating a diverse mix of Renewable Energy Sources for supply to small and medium-sized communities

Multi-annual Roadmap #5

Processes and appliances for productive uses to prioritize boosting small-scale farmers’ productivity and incomes in the agricultural production stage and creating off-farm employment in expanding segments of food supply and value chains

Multi-Annual Roadmap #6

Innovative solutions for priority domestic uses (clean cooking and cold chain) to address challenges related to traditionnal cooking systems, and promoting sustainable biomass harversting and collection