Building a long-term AU-EU partnership in renewable energy

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LEAP-RE is based on 3 programmatic pillars, on of which consists in the management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the LEAP-RE programme, and in the development of the future long-term collaboration model of the AU-EU partnership in renewable energy (Pillar 3).

The LEAP-RE programme is designed as a pilot for the future long-term partnership. Building a community, strategy, organisation, methodological assets and tools to set the foundations of a long-lasting AU-EU partnership to address the post-2025 challenges and policy priorities is therefore the ambition of LEAP-RE.  Pillar 3 will promote cooperation and systemic change through building a longlasting partnership beyond LEAP-RE implementation.

Expanding the LEAP-RE Community

LEAP-RE seeks to create a community that goes beyond its consortium members, who are to be seen as a starting point. LEAP-RE seeks to expand this community with an active community management  enabling networking and using online tools. It will provide access to online training; facilitate collaborative ideation for new collaborations; enable matchmaking between researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

This community building will maximise the network effect, enable clustering by thematic areas, defend a common vision and understanding of AU-EU collaboration in Renewable Energy in the research and innovation sector, and mutualise lessons learned and experience feedback. This will facilitate future transnational and bi-regional collaborations, cross-border replications and upscaling of innovations, exploitation of research results and technology transfer thus paving the way for the inclusive construction of a long-term partnership.

Creating an Innovation Accelerator

Significant applied research and innovation results will arise from the individual projects under Pillars 1 & 2.The general expectation is that the results of LEAP-RE R&I will have a great potential for local market entry and deployment, as well as adaptation and replication in other regions in Africa and possibly in Europe. LEAP-RE will design and test an innovation accelerator, meant at supporting subsequent developments. It is foreseen to deliver services such as: strategic coaching; access to networks; access to finance; technology brokerage; support in building strategic partnerships. Complementarity and synergies will be sought with existing innovation support structures in Africa. Lessons will be drawn from the accelerator in view of the future partnership.

Monitoring, Evaluating,  and Assessing Impact

The LEAP-RE programme foresees to conduct systematic evaluations of its performance and impact, with dedicated assessments and M&E activities: this will allow LEAP-RE to continuously capitalise on its experience and benefit from its lessons learned when designing the future, long-term partnership.

Maximising the LEAP-RE outputs

This pillar will work as the catalyst for valorising the programme outputs, maximising its outcome and leveraging impact, all in view of building the long-term partnership beyond LEAP-RE. While delivering its own research, innovation and capacity-building outcomes, LEAP-RE can also be seen as a “pilot” for the long-term partnership. At the end of LEAP-RE (2025), the programme will transfer to the future partnership, not only the knowledge base arising from the projects, but also the assets it will have constructed.