OASES: Development and Demonstration of a Sustainable Open Access AU-EU Ecosystem for Energy System Modelling

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Project coordinator: Jan Dobschinski, Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology, Germany

Project partners:

Main topic addressed: Renewable energy resources, mapping and modelling

Aim of OASES

The overall goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate a sustainable AU-EU ecosystem for energy system modelling based on open source software and freely available data. The ecosystem will enable European and African scientists and energy system planners to perform and optimize national scenario analysis on their own. The open source principle should pave the way to a long-term collaboration between AU and EU countries leading to further joint work in energy system modelling.


Energy system modelling is the basis for the development and integration of renewable energy at local, national, regional, continental and global levels. The resulting energy scenarios are crucial for understanding the contexts in which technologies and energy solutions must be developed and contribute to optimising future energy systems. In the field of energy system modelling, there is a lack of holistic approaches that combine all steps from the generation of renewable energy input data, potential analysis, renewable energy distribution, time series generation to system models.

The required input data are the interfaces to the energy system model with regard to the spatial distribution of renewable energies, taking into account existing plants, potential areas and the resource assessment as well as the time series generation based on this.

Expected Results

The development of an open energy system modelling ecosystem by OASES will enable European and African stakeholders to perform scenario analysis on their own. Specific expected results include:

  • An easy-to-use energy scenario modelling workflow for different scales
  • Open source code that enables the detection of wind turbine and PV system
  • Open Source tool chain to generate high resolution time series for wind power and PV
  • Long-term open source and data strategy
  • Case studies on different spatial scales
  • Strengthening the RE long-term cooperation between Europe and Africa