Pillar 1: External research funding and capacity-building

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LEAP-RE is based on 3 programmatic pillars. Pillar 1 focuses on external research funding and capacity-building implemented through open calls for proposals. The calls for proposals are addressed to research and innovation operators (academic teams, companies, etc.) and  will focus on the 6 priority thematic roadmaps developed in the programme preparatory phase.

These calls for research and innovation projects are funded by 15 European and African research and innovation funding agencies and by the EU.  The coordination of this pillar is ensured jointly by the ANR (France) and the MESRS (Algerian Ministry of Research).

13 Projects selected to join Pillar 1

In January 2021, LEAP-RE launched a ‘Call for AU-EU Collaborative Research and Innovation projects on Renewable Energy’. The Call resulted in 124 applications being received from candidates including compagnies, non-profit associations, research labs, foundations and more from 38 African and European countries. 36 pre-proposals were pre-selected, 32 were submitted, and 13 proposals were finally selected for funding.

The 13 projects were chosen after a year-long selection process, involving an international review panel and a coalition of funding agencies from within the LEAP-RE consortium, and are starting in 2022.


Towards a next-generation renewable energy source – a natural hydrogen solution for power supply in Africa


Enabling clean and sustainable water through smart UV/LED disinfection and SOLar energy utilization


Smart stand-alone micro-grids as a solution for agriculture farms electrification


Integration of photonic conversion layers based on photoemissive nanostructured materials for improving sunlight harvesting ability of solar cells


Development and Demonstration of a Sustainable Open Access AU-EU Ecosystem for Energy System Modelling


Sustainable biomass conversion into bioenergy through pyrolysis


Environmentally friendly colloidal quantum dots for high performance solar cells


Implementing a full value chain for recycling End-of-Life (EoL) Lithium-Ion Battery (LiBs) and Photovoltaic (PV)


Si-based devices for renewable energy: From end of life recycling to revival of photovoltaic modules


Solar Indoor Cooking Systems of the Next Generation


SOLAR INDUCEed domestic clean efficient cooking and refrigeration for off-grid applications in Africa


Decentralized Solar Charging System for Sustainable Mobility in rural Africa


A modern solar cooking solution for African staples

LEAP-RE Joint Call 2022 for AU-EU collaborative research and Innovation projects on Renewable Energy

After a succesful Call in 2021, the LEAP-RE Joint Call 2022 will fund basic research, applied research and experimental development projects that are 12-24 months long.

Gathering several African and European funding agencies (members of the LEAP-RE consortium) and the European Commission, the Call will select projects focusing on the 6 multi-annual roadmaps listed above. Particular attention will be given to strengthening the impact of R&I supported activities for the well-being of the society, in Europe and in Africa.