Pillar 1: External research funding and capacity-building

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LEAP-RE is based on 3 programmatic pillars. Pillar 1 focuses on external research funding and capacity-building implemented through open calls for proposals. The calls for proposals are addressed to research and innovation operators (academic teams, companies, etc.) and  will focus on the themes identified in 6 roadmaps developed in the programme preparatory phase.

These calls for research and innovation projects are funded by 15 European and African research and innovation funding agencies and by the EU.  The coordination of this pillar is ensured jointly by the ANR (France) and the MESRS (Algerian Ministry of Research).

6 Multi-Annual Roadmaps

The open calls implemented in Pillar 1 will focus on 6 themes, which have been identified during the programme preparatory phase, PRE-LEAP-RE. These roadmaps focus on key topics in order to make the development of renewable energy sustainable and efficient: innovation priorities, smart-grid and off-grid systems, productive and domestic uses, access to energy, recycling, etc.

Multi-annual Roadmap #1

Evaluation of priority joint research and innovation actions for next step development of renewable energy systems

Multi-annual Roadmap #2

End-of-life and second-life management and environmental impacts of renewable energy components

Multi-annual Roadmap #3

Smart stand-alone systems to ease the access to energy in all its forms

Multi-annual Roadmap #4

Smart grid (different scale) for off-grid application solutions capable of integrating a diverse mix of Renewable Energy Sources for supply to small and medium-sized communities

Multi-annual Roadmap #5

Processes and appliances for productive uses to prioritize boosting small-scale farmers’ productivity and incomes in the agricultural production stage and creating off-farm employment in expanding segments of food supply and value chains

Multi-Annual Roadmap #6

Innovative solutions for priority domestic uses (clean cooking and cold chain) to address challenges related to traditionnal cooking systems, and promoting sustainable biomass harversting and collection

LEAP-RE Joint Call 2022 for AU-EU collaborative research and Innovation projects on Renewable Energy

The LEAP-RE Joint Call 2022 can fund basic research, applied research and experimental development projects that are 12-24 months long. A first co-fund Call was launched in 2021 and 13 projects were selected for funding.