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LEAP-RE Newsletter

The LEAP-RE November 2023 newsletter is out. On the agenda for this edition: Highlights of the LEAP-RE Stakeholder Forum in Kigali last October!Our...

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LEOPARD second micro-grid pilot and its replicability perspectives


©ARESS In the summer 2023, the ARESS teams finalized the installation of the second pilot of LEOPARD project in Benin. This installation will be fo...

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Key Highlights of the LEAP-RE Stakeholder Forum 2023 in Kigali


The recent LEAP-RE Stakeholder Forum, hosted in Kigali, Rwanda, and online from 10 to 13 October gathered more than 400 participants! Good connec...

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ENERGY VILLAGE’s Aspire Energy Potential Calculator and project field visit


The ENERGY VILLAGE’S calculator enables the potential for other renewable energy sources than biomass to be calculated. The ASPIRE model along with it...

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OPTiMG project kick-off meeting


The two-day OPTiMG project kick-off meeting (20. And 21. September) brought together all consortium partners, each contributing their expertise and co...

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HYAFRICA convenes in Pretoria, South Africa, on raising awareness on Natural Hydrogen

hyafrica event in South Africa

Roundtable discussion. From left to right: Dr. Ansie Smit (University of Pretoria), Dr. Malte Lindenmeyer (Fraunhofer IEE), Prof. Adam Bumby (Universi...

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LEDSOL System development

LEDSOL system

As part of the LEAP-RE Project Porfolio, Project LEDSOL is aiming to provide off the grid clean water by using a smart portable unit based on UV/LED d...

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SoCoNexGen: Progress in the construction of three solar cookers and a study to investigate potential

The focus of project SoCoNexGen is on the design, construction, experimental testing and analysis of four different indoor solar cookers. Between J...

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Energy Village Project Partners Visit to UVA and Jepua Biogas Company Energy Village in Finland

Visit in filand

One of the aims of the Energy Village concept in the LEAP-RE Project Portfolio is to map out different resources of renewable energy found within a re...

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Students in SUNGARI project contributing to the physicochemical and microbiological perspective of gari, learning more about cassava


Students Afees Oduola and Nitzia Homann By AO Oduola, NM Homann, N Mehlomakula and MN Emmambux , Department of Consumer and Food Sciences, Universi...

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The LEAP-RE consortium gathers 83 African and European partners covering a wide range of sectors: education/research, private sector, policy and funding. Together, they are building a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders committed to fostering research and innovation for the development of renewable energy.

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