LEAP-RE updates: Check out our latest newsletter!

LEAP-RE updates: Check out our latest newsletter!

LEAP-RE updates: Check out our latest newsletter!

The LEAP-RE November 2023 newsletter is out. On the agenda for this edition:

  • Highlights of the LEAP-RE Stakeholder Forum in Kigali last October!
  • Our latest scientific publications
  • Latest news from the #RenewableEnergy projects in our portfolio, for instance:
    • 📌 The installation of the second pilot of the LEOPARD project in Benin was finalised and will provide an autonomous, innovative energy system for productive uses, mainly cooling, in isolated localities with the lowest access to energy levels
    • 📌 The design, construction, experimental testing and analysis of four different indoor solar cookers by the project SoCoNexGen
    • 📌 The creation of a new version of the ASPIRE Energy Calculator, now called ‘Aspire Energy Potential Calculator’ by the Energy Village Project to make it fit for international and African contexts
    • 📌 The development by the LEDSOL project of all components of a system providing off-the-grid clean water using renewable energy sources
    • 📌And more!
  • We’re also in the news: check out what the media say about LEAP-RE and the projects in our portfolio!

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The LEAP-RE consortium gathers 83 African and European partners covering a wide range of sectors: education/research, private sector, policy and funding. Together, they are building a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders committed to fostering research and innovation for the development of renewable energy.

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