LEDSOL System development

LEDSOL System development

LEDSOL System development

As part of the LEAP-RE Project Porfolio, Project LEDSOL is aiming to provide off the grid clean water by using a smart portable unit based on UV/LED disinfection augmented with classical decontamination and powered by renewable energy sources.

Progress on the LEDSOL System Development

The project has advanced the development of all components of the LEDSOL system. All the system components: peristaltic pump including motor, UV disinfection unit, flow meter, power source for pump motor and UV LEDs and two Berzelius glasses: taking water from one glass and pouring it into the other one) were assembled together (see Figure 1) for laboratory testing. Partners validated that the setup can ensure the amount of flow corresponding to the requirements.


LEDSOL also recently published two scientific papers:

E. S. Lohan et al., “Standalone Solutions for Clean and Sustainable Water Access in Africa Through Smart UV/LED Disinfection, Solar Energy Utilization, and Wireless Positioning Support,” in IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 81882-81899, 2023, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3300206.

E.S. Lohan et al., “Design and testing of LEDSOL components for sustainable access to clean water in Africa”, submitted at 34th FRUCT conference, in evaluation (https://www.fruct.org/conferences/34/call-for-participation/)

More about LEDSOL: https://www.leap-re.eu/ledsol/

The LEAP-RE consortium gathers 83 African and European partners covering a wide range of sectors: education/research, private sector, policy and funding. Together, they are building a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders committed to fostering research and innovation for the development of renewable energy.

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