African Engineers Explore Solar-Powered Food Tech in Germany

African Engineers Explore Solar-Powered Food Tech in Germany

African Engineers Explore Solar-Powered Food Tech in Germany

A group of 22 African engineers on a post-grad course at Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf visited Simply Solar on August 21, 2023. During the visit, Simply Solar introduced them to the SunGari project, which blends solar energy with innovative food processing methods.

Simply Solar, known for its crucial role in SunGari, shared insights into the project and showcased vital solar components that were being readied for shipment to Togo.

The engineers, specializing in agriculture and renewable energy, were excited to learn about using solar energy for food processing. Engineers from Togo, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso were particularly interested in helping set up SunGari hardware at the University of Lome.

The visit reflects a growing international interest in sustainable solutions to global challenges. Collaborations like these promise to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture for a greener future.

Simply Solar along with other SunGari partners are dedicated to fostering such partnerships for a more sustainable world.

The SunGari project aims to develop Modern Energy Cooking Service based on solar cooking (photovoltaics and concentrated solar power) for Gari processing in West Africa. Gari is a staple food in West Africa.

More about SUNGARI:

The LEAP-RE consortium gathers 83 African and European partners covering a wide range of sectors: education/research, private sector, policy and funding. Together, they are building a long-term partnership of African and European stakeholders committed to fostering research and innovation for the development of renewable energy.

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