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Workshop Recap: PRE-LEAP-RE partners and stakeholders discuss the future of LEAP-RE and the activities of PRE-LEAP-RE

PRE-LEAP-RE partners and stakeholders at the 2nd Strategic Workshop in Stellenbosch

The second PRE-LEAP-RE workshop took place in South Africa and held from 24-26 June 2019 in the Western Cape, Stellenbosch, South Africa. We brought t...

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Updated draft background papers are now available!

PRE-LEAP6RE project partners

We have a series of Background Papers for the development of the forthcoming African- European joint programme on renewable energies – LEAP-RE. The B...

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Africa-Europe Alliance: boosting sustainable energy investments in Africa


A new high-level platform initiative brings together key players in the sustainable energy sector from the public and private sectors of both Europe a...

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Materials from the 1st and 2nd PRE-LEAP-RE Virtual Round Table for Contributors!

paper airplanes PRE-LEAP-RE

The intention is to inform potential contributors in LEAP-RE about the state of affairs in PRE-LEAP-RE and to prepare the ground for the organisation ...

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Participate in our 2nd PRE-LEAP-RE Strategic Workshop | Stellenbosch, June 24-26


It’s official! The second PRE-LEAP-RE workshop will take place in South Africa and will be held from 24-26 June 2019 in the Western Cape, Stellenbosch...

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Africa has a huge untapped renewable energy potential

PRE-LEAP-RE report

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Renewable Energy in Africa


The African continent, with a population exceeding one billion people and an estimated combined economy of US$1.5 trillion, presents huge opportunitie...

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Opportunities for Renewable Energy in Africa (EUSEW 2017)

Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity pylon at sunset. Clean energy concept.

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Kenya goes all out for renewable energy


Kenya has taken less than a decade to make giant strides in its energy sector. Key to this are two iconic renewable energy projects that have benefite...

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Five EU countries call for 100% renewable energy by 2050

renewable energy

The European Union’s 28 energy ministers had their first public debate on the European Commission’s 2050 climate plan on Monday (4 March) but five mem...

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PRE-LEAP6RE project partners
PRE-LEAP6RE project partners

The PRE-LEAP-RE consortium gathers 17 African and European partners covering a wide range of sectors: education/research, private sector, policy and funding.

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